Lola is a researcher, educator, self-love mentor, and professional sound therapist.
 Her intuitive search for truth and awakening brought her to live and study in India, Japan, Viet Nam, Indonesia and many other amazing places on this planet. Today, Lola’s work synthesizes ancient and contemporary wisdom of mystical Nada Yoga, gentle Yin Yoga, Buddhist Dharma, Sound Healing, Positive Psychology, and African sacred music and chanting. She also facilitates cacao ceremonies and educates people about the power of this sacred plant.

Her classes, workshops, online trainings and offline retreats are an invitation for an intimate exploration of the self, and an opportunity to cultivate compassion, connection, courage, somatic awareness, authentic self-expression, and unconditional self-love.

Lola is the author of four books on Self-Love and Sound Medicine.

She currently resides in Canggu (Bali, Indonesia) with her husband and three lovely cats.
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