​​​​​​​Lola Malaika
Truly Unique Training Designed for Those Who Desire to Guide Others Towards Self-Love, Authenticity, Self-Confidence and Freedom.​​​​​​​
This is an online self-paced one-on-one training. You can start the training anytime.
The training is accredited by IPHM
 Become a reliable guide towards self-love, self-compassion, self-acceptance, confidence, happiness and authenticity.
  Learn how to hold space for others and help them to embrace and process their painful memories, trauma, pain, vulnerability and fears. 
 Discover the ancient and contemporary tools that help to reconnect to your spirit, heal your body and fall in love with yourself.
• Help others to find purpose in life, connect to their sacred desires and realize their fullest potential.
Who would benefit from this training:
everybody who believes that Self-Love has transformative & healing powers

 life coaches, body workers, Yoga & meditation teachers and educators

 space holders, lightworkers, healers and shamans
※  No coaching, psychology, or other previous experience is required. 
Geared by Positive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Buddhist Psychology, and Yoga, this training provides a strong knowledge base which will help you navigate your students and clients towards happiness, health and flourishing relationships with themselves and others.
During the entire training, you will be receiving unparalleled support, inspiration and encouragement, so that the process of learning is engaging, comprehensive and beneficial both for your personal and professional growth.
Options to choose from:​​​​​​​
1) 50h training: 
1x Self-Love Facilitator Workbook
1x Self-Love Workbook
+ 5x 60 min zoom call
+ 10 assignments 
+ 50h Certificate 

2) 100h training:  
1x Self-Love Facilitator Workbook
+​​​​​​​ 1x Self-Love Workbook
+ 10x 60 min zoom call
+ 20 assignments 
+ 100h Certificate 

Training duration: around 12 weeks
Study materials: 1) Self-Love Facilitator Workbook by Lola Malaika 2) Self-Love Workbook by Lola Malaika 
Certificate: Self-Love + Body Confidence Facilitator accredited by IPHM.
To get your 50h certificate, you will need to submit 10 assignments. For a 100h certificate, you will need to submit 20 assignments. 

Lola is a wonderful mentor whose infinite knowledge of self-healing practices and self-love techniques is remarkable. 
Lola’s Self-Love Body Confidence Facilitator Training is unprecedented for it is carefully designed and thoughtfully implemented to fit each one of her students’ unique interests. 
I am deeply grateful for Lola’s wisdom and for her gentle guidance into the world of sacred and divine Self.”

I did the self love teachers training with Lola and she was very patient, respectful, an amazing teacher and all the information was really helpful, the workbook and all our lessons and teachings. I learned a lot about myself, how to deepen my relationship with myself and how to hold space for others. This is an endless journey and I am so pleased I got to learn from this amazing woman and friend, thanks again Lola ❤️
Lola Malaika
Lola Malaika is a researcher, educator, self-love mentor, certified sound therapist and holistic training provider.
Self-Love & Body Confidence Facilitator Training
50 h – $1000
100 h – $2000
Payment should be done at least 2 weeks before the training begins. Payment is non-refundable but can be transferred in full amount to another student. 
We accept payments in:
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Training description:​​​​​​​
Session 1
Self-Love Definitions & Misconceptions. Exploring the role of a facilitator, self-love practices & interventions.

Session 2
Diagnostics & Signs 
Signs of a lack of Self-Love. Exploring both obvious and less obvious signs (eating disorders, people pleaser syndrome, psychological projections, martyr complex, etc.)

Session 3
The Source of Suffering
Exploring sources of a lack of Self-Love and Self-Esteem. Zooming in and reframing Negative Core Beliefs. Connecting signs & sources. Creating healing strategies.

Session 4
Grounding, Softening & Nourishing 
Exploring the most efficient techniques for grounding, soothing the nervous system, and nourishing body-heart-mind.

Session 5
Emotional Awareness & Opening to Vulnerability 
Part I Understanding and embracing the negativity bias, vulnerability, hungry ghost syndrome, inferiority complex, inner conflicts, fear & desire, and natural unpleasant emotions, such as resentment, jealousy and anger. 
Part II Exploring the essence of emotional awareness, working with fears, and archetypal Yin & Restorative poses. Additional practices: tantric breathwork, scream therapy, chanting, sound healing, etc.
Part III Working with the Inner Child.

Session 6
Befriending the Body
Exploring the importance of healthy and balanced eating, healthy intuitive movement, nourishing touch, and body rituals. The fundamentals of Sattvic lifestyle.
Why is it so hard to feel comfortable in the body we inhabit? Why have so many insecurities and complexes? What is Negative Body Image? Exploring the Theory of the Looking Glass Self and Body Image Theory & exercises that can help students/clients to create a Positive Body Image.
Somatic (Body) Awareness 
Exploring the concept of somatic awareness and exercises for its cultivation: Active Body Scan, Shakti Flow, intuitive movement, slow flow, Zen Yoga practices, etc. Exercises to help your students/clients to rediscover the magic of physicality and fall in love with their bodies.

Session 7–8
Somatic (Body) Confidence & Shakti Flow
Learning how to boost somatic confidence, resilience and courage. Learning the foundations of Divine Feminine. Exercises and practices to awaken the Inner Goddess.

Session 9
The Sacred Art of Forgiveness & Letting Go
Contemplating on the nature of mistakes and exploring exercises that help your students/clients to befriend and integrate the painful past. Strategies for cultivation of unconditional self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. Forgiving others.

Session 10
Self-Compassion & Metta
Exercises that foster the transformation of the inner critic into a friend. Changing the vocabulary of the self-talk. Exercises for self-compassion. Cultivation of loving-kindness and healthy inner climate with Metta Bhavana.

Session 11
Authentic Self-Expression
Choosing your Self-Love language and sacred message as a facilitator. Connecting to your sacred desires and your personal Dharma. 
Learning how to overcome shame and self-doubt by cultivating authenticity and authentic self-expression with creative exercises, movement, vocal exercises, mantra chanting, etc. 
Karma Yoga and Acts of Kindness: exploring how loving yourself inspires you to love others. Creating space for gratitude and bliss.

Session 12
Flourishing Relationships & Sacred Dharma
Brahma Viharas and Emotional Intelligence: exploring powerful techniques that help to build positive and meaningful relationships with other people. Helping your students/clients understand their fundamental values in relationships.