​​​​​​​Lola Malaika
Introduction to Sound Healing is your first step towards exploring the greatest mystery of creation—SOUND.
You will reconnect to the healing vibrations of your voice, the mystical power of musical instruments, and the mystery of the sound of your breath...

During the training, you will discover...
Himalayan singing bowls
tingsha bells
shakers, caxixi & maracas
shamanic drums
tanpura & swarmandal
harmonium & surpeti
chimes & koshi bells
ankle bells
harp & lyre
kabolonga & shamanic rattle
UFO (steel tongue drum)
You will explore the healing power of your voice & breath through various breathing techniques, Nada Yoga, voice activation, toning, soothing lullabies, ancient mantras, sacred chants and medicine songs.
The training also includes Lola's personal advice on how to start your career as a sound therapist, Q & A and titles of many precious books to help you deepen your knowledge.
Introduction to Sound Healing is a fully accredited training by IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).
1) 10h training: 
+ videos 
+ 1 home assignment 

2) 50h training:  
+ videos 
+ 5  zoom calls 60min 
+ 5 home assignments 

3) 100h training: 
+ videos
+ 10 zoom calls 60min
+10 home assignments​​​​​​​
 After you complete the training, do the final exam and submit your home assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion of Introduction to Sound Healing.
IMPORTANT: Even though you will explore how to work both with groups and  1-on-1, this training is not enough to become a professional sound therapist. To become a professional therapist, you need to complete at least a 150h training, possess and skillfully use a variety of therapeutic instruments, and have at least 6-12 months of professional experience with healing sound.
 The knowledge you will receive in this training will allow you to use healing sound to accompany yoga and meditation classes, breathwork and reiki sessions, cacao and tea ceremonies, and other holistic practices. It will also deeply enrich your personal life and spiritual practice, and hopefully will inspire you to continue exploring this wonderful mystical art of Sound Healing.
Lola is currently preparing two new trainings: intermediate/advanced Sound Healing Training 100h and a very special training for Yin Yoga teachers Yin & Sound Healing 50h. Please contact lola@lolamalaika.com to learn more.
NAMASTE & blessings on your journey
My journeys into Sound Healing with Lola have given me a
deeper understanding of how I can integrate Sound Therapy
into my personal practice. The use of sound to soothe, focus
and energise the body and mind is a powerful and immersive
tool, and I have found the use of these practices has allowed
me to create a more expansive and colourful experience in
my journey. Thank you Lola, I look forward to learning and discovering more with you...

Sound Healing training with Lola is like a journey to another sphere. She gently takes you out of your body in your higher self and her soothing sounds make it easy to let go.
– Susann

 Sound Healing with Lola literally changed my life.  I am really grateful that I had this opportunity to meet Lola — a beautiful soul, teacher, and mentor.
– Miska

Introduction to Sound Healing is a beautiful training, where you can interact with so many beautiful instruments and you can find the one that can play the song of your soul.
– Anca

I loved my Sound Healing training with Lola! Her energy is so lovely. She lets us connect with the instruments and that was a great experience. It was fun, very informative and just inspiring. Thank you!
– Zahra​​​​​​​
Lola Malaika
Lola Malaika is a researcher, educator, self-love mentor, certified sound therapist and holistic training provider.
Her fascination with Sound Healing started in her early childhood when she was intuitively using chanting and musical instruments to process her emotions, find inner peace and connect to the Divine. Later, humming, toning, mantra and sacred songs have become her daily spiritual practice that helped to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship both
with her own self and the mystery we call life.
10 h – $110
50 h – $800
100 h – $1500
Payment should be done at least 2 weeks before the training begins. Payment is non-refundable but can be transferred in full amount to another student. 
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