Lola Malaika
Love and Heal Yourself with Mindfulness, Forgiveness,
Loving-Kindness & Authentic Self-Expression
This book will take you on a journey towards healing and creating a deeper sense of intimacy with yourself. The practices you will find in this book are rooted in the essential teachings of the Buddha, as well as Yoga, Art Therapy, Positive Psychology and its sister discipline, The Science of Happiness. They include cultivation of positive emotions and attitudes, creative exercises, meditations, and immersive self-reflections. By internalizing the practices, you will reconnect to your intuitive heart wisdom – a loving awareness that resides inside your heart. You will be inspired to let go of the past and create a future infused with wonder, faith, and love.
​​​​​​​This book is educational, thought-provoking, and empowering. It takes you on a beautiful healing journey, creating a safe space to explore past circumstances, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you, and supporting you to release them. It then guides you through inviting in new, more positive beliefs and habits. It is a powerful resource for anyone who struggles to experience unconditional love for themselves.
– Lana
psychologist & energy healer

Lola is pure magic – the embodiment of love and joy – so it’s not surprise her book is as well. Lola has researched and travelled the world extensively in search of tools for cultivating happiness and love which lead her to a myriad of self-love practices that are life changing. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Everything starts with self-love and what a gift to have ancient practices of this beautiful art form from various traditions and cultures all over the world combined together in one place with so much love and compassion. It’s no doubt that Lola’s purpose is to spread these beautiful rituals and she does so with such grace, playfulness, and relatable humanity.
– Agathe
Buddhist meditation teacher & psycho-spiritual healer
Lola Malaika
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