Self-Love Online Course
Join Lola for a deeply nourishing and inspiring video course of Atma-Prema Yoga, or the Yoga of Self-Love.
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*No previous Yoga experience required.
Let me take you on a journey towards healing and creating a deeper sense of trust and intimacy with yourself. Together, we will discover the secrets to loving yourself, finding purpose, creating meaningful relationships and living an authentic, fulfilling, and awe-inspired life.
We will immerse into the 13 practices of Atma-Prema. Atma-Prema Yoga, or the Yoga of Self-Love, integrates the ancient teachings and techniques rooted in Yoga and Buddhism with the latest research on movement science, breathwork and psychology. During the course, you will learn essential strategies to access your somatic (bodily) intelligence and heart-mind wisdom. This will facilitate a great shift in your self-awareness, self-compassion, sense of inner integrity and trust.
*To explore the 13 Atma-Prema Practices, please click here.
During this course, you will receive unparalleled support, inspiration and encouragement. You will be inspired to let go of the past and create a future infused with freedom, authenticity, kindness, faith and love. After the course, you will have all the necessary tools to improve your interpersonal relationships, become more self-loving and confident, and find your inner happiness, purpose and peace.


In this course, you will receive the guidance and the tools you need to:
Calm down, relax, soften, let go of defenses and open your heart to the experience of truth, vulnerability and love.
Create a deeper and more meaningful connection with yourself. Re-establish a sense of intimacy and trust.
Immerse into the depth of your own being to understand who you are and what you really want from life. Find your inner stillness, space, integrity and a sense of worth.
Learn to cultivate self-compassion, forgiveness and self-acceptance. Embrace your mistakes and forgive yourself. Let go of guilt, poisonous emotions and painful memories. Transform pain into art.
Improve your interpersonal relationships and deepen your connection with those who are dear to your heart. Learn to become more compassionate and tolerant of others. Learn to wish people well and be happy for them. Practice Metta, or Loving-Kindness Meditation.
Create healthy boundaries and treat yourself and others with respect.
Reconnect to and become proud of your physical self through the practices of somatic awareness and somatic confidence. Improve your health with movement, touch and breathwork.
Learn to treat your body with greater empathy and care. Accept and love your body just the way it is. Turn your self-care routine into self-care rituals.
Improve your relationship with food and eating. Learn how to nurture your body with healing delicious meals.
Manifest your dreams and desires by using your confident voice and authentic self-expression.
Let go of the past and create a future infused with happiness, freedom and love.


25 inspiring videos covering theory and practice
A beautiful workbook with illustrations
4 guided meditations: Metta Meditation, Hands-On-Heart Meditation, Passive Body Scan, Yoga Nidra+Sound Healing
A 10% discount on Awakening To Self-Love Transformative Retreats
A voucher for a free 60 min skype/whatsapp consultation with Lola
Bonus interviews with self-love experts
Useful self-love resources
Access to the secret interactive facebook support group

Video 1
Introduction To The Course
Video 2
Signs of a Lack of Self-love
Video 3
What Self-love Is Not
Video 4
A Quiet place. Exploring the ancient technique of retreating inside yourself and finding inner stillness and your Buddha-Nature.
Video 5
Softening. Understanding the power of being soft, gentle, slow, and compassionate.
Video 6
Soothing Breathwork - 4 essential techniques.
Video 7
Opening to Vulnerability. Understanding and embracing the negativity bias, inner conflicts and unpleasant emotions, such as fear, insecurity and anger.
Video 8
Exploring Vulnerability and Faith with Yin and Restorative Yoga. “Opening and melting” Yoga poses to release accumulated tension, blockages and stress from the body.
Video 9
Self-Compassion and Self-Care. Transforming the inner critic into a friend. Changing the vocabulary of the self-talk.Exploring the importance of healthy eating, healthy movement, touch, and body rituals.
Video 10
Forgiveness. Exploring the nature of mistakes and how to shift your perspective on failure.
Video 11
Shake & Release. Dynamic Meditation.
Video 12
Self-Acceptance. Learn how to accept yourself fully with the Self-Hug meditation.
Video 13
Somatic Awareness. Explore what somatic awareness is, why it is important and learn how you can cultivate it.
Video 14
Active Body Scan. Movement/Touch meditation.
Video 15
Somatic Confidence. Learn to awaken to your bodily confident through movement.
Video 16
Basics of healthy and creative movement.
Video 17
Authentic Self-Expression. Learn how to express yourself without fear, manifest your dreams and create a n awe-inspired life.
Video 18
Authentic Self-expression Exercises.
Video 19
Self-Respect. Stop being a people pleaser and learn to create healthy boundaries. Learn to respect people around you.
Video 20
Pride. Explore the true nature of pride and links between pride and gratitude.
Video 22
Basics of Flamenco Movement Vocabulary.
Video 23
Karma Yoga and Acts of Kindness. Explore how loving yourself inspires to love others.
Video 24
How to find true love? Part 1
Video 25
How to find true love? Part 2

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