Lola's coaching is designed for women who:
– suffer from low self-esteem
– suffer from body dysmorphia
– suffer from eating disorders
-suffer from depression 
-experience physical or emotional exhaustion
– want to build somatic and body confidence
– want to build professional and business confidence
– want to improve their verbal and nonverbal communication skills
– want to improve their physical and emotional health
– wish to cultivate self-love  
-feel lost and want to find happiness
-go through difficult times and need a friend

Lola also offers coaching for
men, women, and couples who:
– wish to create flourishing and meaningful relationships
– look for life purpose and Ikigai
– want to find happiness 
A Love Letter From Lola:

My Dearest Friend!  I want to help you to find your passion in life, to love and accept yourself fully, to restore your inner harmony, and to feel confident, empowered and fulfilled. I want to help you to believe in yourself and reconnect to the intimacy and magic you used to have as a child, but unfortunately lost somewhere on the way.

We all deserve love, radiant body, flourishing relationships, success, happiness and inner peace. 

You deserve all those things. 
You are joy
You are magic
You are cosmos

You are love

Do not hesitate to contact me. Tell me about your problems, your fears, your dreams and your desires. Together, we will create a vision for your life. We will also create a map that would navigate you towards your happiness and inner peace.  I will do my best to help you on your journey. I will be by your side. I will support you whatever the context and will hold your hand whenever you may need it. 
Much Metta.
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